quinta-feira, 6 de setembro de 2012

Opera de Metal

Opera Metal

Opera will come by land from the womb
refining the metal after breastfeeding
the wind carries the sky Mozart forever
sap the trick back in black brave and eternal

Wagner is the duet Sunflower of my steps
Bach's eyes right path
Metallica and Black Sabbath tattooing my bones
Ozzy grid loose parchment

In the window of the ocean guitar riff raw
cáfila clouds composing the melody on the piano
epitâmia sea in the sun are keys to street
parcel of eternal symphony each year

Anthrax infects lung from last to first
Iron Maiden is the bell of wind until the Grave
Fifth Symphony climbing the skyline beyond the floor
Ace of Spades poison Slayer tenderly.

Arthur Nett 

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