domingo, 23 de setembro de 2012

Unique longhairs Ones

longhairs Ones

Unique beings we longhairs
twilights of skyscrapers to the forests
our hair soft as velours
won the faithful and ingrates

of the Round Table the long hair of King Arthur
strength and vitality of the metal which is everlasting
to hardrockers and their extravagance and glamor
the four boys from Liverpool who wore tailored suit

Vikings' passing Johnny Depp to Ozzy
the hairy are the largest in history
tamed guitars like dragons want more than just a shot
our present victorious, let us not forget a past of glory

Even jesus is the greatest of all haired
in Brazil, America, Europe till Japan
conquer seas as pirates before the silent screen
secret garden in the world are angels and demons forming one nation.

Arthur Nett

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